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 The office of the Recorder was the first constitutional office in county government in Indiana.

Office Hrs. 8:00a.m. - 4:00 p.m.


Deeds $16.00 Each Additional $2.00
Mortgages $14.00 Each Additional $2.00
Miscellaneous $11.00 Each Additional $2.00
Releases $12.00 Each Additional $2.00
Affidavits $11.00 Each Additional $2.00
UCC $9.00 Each Additional $2.00
Oversized Plats 15*18 First Page $20.00 Each Additional $5.00


Records any instrument submitted for recording, providing it meets essential requirements. (See below)

Supplies copies of any instrument and certifies to those recorded upon request. (Fee charge)

Files Uniform Commercial Code instruments.


Acknowledgments: To entitle any conveyance, mortgage or instrument of writing to be recorded. IC32-1-2-18

Legibility of names: Typed or printed under each signature exactly as signed. IC36-2-11-16

Prepared by: Name of person and or company that prepared the instrument is printed, typewritten, stamped or signed in a legible l manner at the conclusion of the instrument. IC36-2-11-15

Notarized documents: Requires notary public to indicate the county of residence, commission expiration, seal or name printed or typed immediately beneath his signature. IC33-16-2-9

Margin requirements: at least one individual page measuring not more than 8.5 inches by 14 inches. That is not permanently bound and is not a continuous form, white paper and of at least 20 pound weight. Margins are to be on the first and last page at least 2 inches on the top and bottom and .5 inch on each side. Additional pages of at least .5 inch on the top, bottom, and each side. IC36-2-11-16-5

Transfer of Deeds for taxation: Deeds of partition or conveyance of any land shall require endorsement of the auditor of the proper county. IC356-2-11-14






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