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Hours of Operation:
 Monday 8:00 - 4:00
 Tuesday 8:00 - 7:00  
 Wednesday through Friday 8:00 - 4:00

On Call Work: Emergency detentions, preliminary intakes and inquiries take place following a juvenile's arrest or suspected involvement in a crime.  A probation officer is available to handle these calls 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.



    Mission Statement:  
To provide necessary services to the offender toward reducing criminal/delinquent behavior while balancing the needs and ensuring the safety of the community.  Probation is a profession that requires fundamental knowledge of the law, sentencing alternatives, human services, and community protection.

Indiana Probation Vision Statement:  
To assist in the fair administration of justice
To Assist offenders living in Indiana to become productive, contributing member of society.       To Assist in improving the overall education and social responsibility of behavior as well as programming for offenders that encourages and facilitates law abiding behavior.
To assure victims will be compensated and their needs and concerns are addressed.
To promote probation staff safety through information education and training.
To promote continuing education of probation staff in order to enhance services for offenders.


  Putnam County Services Available to Juveniles Served by the Probation Department

  Anger Management  
Anger Management classes are offered through the Putnam County Youth Development Commission for juveniles involved through the court system.  This program helps the juveniles deal with anger issues and everyday coping skills.  There is no cost to this program.
      "From The Horse's Mouth"  
This is a program offered through the Indiana State Police and the Putnamville State Farm.  "From the Horses Mouth" is a way of letting youth hear the truth.  The hope is to instill the reality and consequences of crime.  This program is designed to help juveniles make better everyday choices.  Every juvenile that is placed on formal or informal probation is ordered to attend this program.  The inmates speak with the juveniles about the decisions they have make and how they ended up in prison.  Inmates tell the juveniles about how life is in prison.  The Indiana State Police's goal is to discourage our youth of today from making bad choices such as drugs, alcohol, gang involvement, violence, and to encourage education.  There is no cost to this program.
      Putnam County Parent Discussion And Support Group  
Putnam County Parent Support Group is designed to provide parents with information and support concerning parenting issues.  The philosophy of this group is that we each have the knowledge to solve our own parenting issues through exploration and discussion.  Professional presenters share information relevant to parenting in the 2000's, followed by topic led discussions for providing support and exploring the uniqueness of each family.  There is no cost to this program.
Generating Responsibility through and Alternative Suspension Program.  GRASP is a program offered through Putnam County Community Corrections for children that have been suspended from school for a chargeable offense.  This is a voluntary program offered to juveniles and parents in lieu of prosecution.  If a child completes the GRASP program no charges are filed.  If they do not complete the program they may not return to school and information is submitted to the prosecutor for the possibility of charges of truancy being filed.
      Summer G.R.A.S.P.  
G.R.A.S.P. is a summer program offered through Putnam County Community Corrections.  The program is a court ordered program for juveniles through the Putnam County Juvenile Probation Department.  This Program runs in two sessions, which are two weeks long and from 8:30 - 3:30 each day.  The participants are provided with routine structure, which includes anger management, living skills, and community service.
      First Offender's Program  
The First Offender's Program is held on Saturday's from 8:00 to 4:00.  It is offered to juveniles that are placed on informal probation and have committed their first offense.  The program helps the juveniles realize how serious the crime is that they have committed and what will happen if they enter the formal juvenile court system.  This program for change also educates the juveniles about the juvenile justice system and how to make better decisions.
      Home Visits  
The Putnam County Juvenile Probation Department, in conjunction with the Indiana State Police, Greencastle City Police, and Putnam County Sheriff's Department complete home visits on juveniles currently on probation.  These home visits are designed to see if the juveniles and their parents are following the orders of the court.
      Community Service  
Juveniles placed on informal or formal probation are ordered to complete community service through Putnam County Community Correcions.  Putnam County Community Corrections provides juveniles with locations in Putnam County to complete community service hours.

      Electronic Home Monitoring Program  
Juveniles are placed on the electronic home monitoring through Putnam County Community Correction as a way to reduce out of home placements.

      DePauw's Bonner Scholar Program  
Bonner Scholars are students attending DePauw University.  Bonner Scholars are assigned to work with juvenile delinquents and their parents, mentor by being a role model, interact in positive activities with the youth, and monitor juvenile behavior.  The responsibility of the Bonner Scholar is to observe and shadow juvenile probation officer's, observe juvenile court, and prepare reports for juvenile probation and Circuit Court.  Bonner Scholars help tutor juveniles and mentor by participating in positive activities with the juveniles.  The Bonner Scholar Program is based on the premise that young people care about others and, given the opportunity, will become active and involved in the local community.  (This Program is not used at this time)

      Truancy Program  
Putnam County Juvenile Probation handles all truancy in Putnam County.  The assistant principals of the local school corporations fill out a referral form and forward it to the Juvenile Probation Department.  At that time an Initial Inquiry is set with a probation officer, allowing them to gather information regarding the incident.

      Substance Abuse Treatment Program  
Juveniles are ordered to participate in substance abuse classes through the Hamilton Center.  The Hamilton Center offers two groups for juveniles, and education group and an intensive group.  These groups are designed to provide education and treatment to juveniles about substance abuse issues.

      WrapAround Program  
WrapAround is strength's based and family centered planning process in which formal and informal community providers assist the child and family in accomplishing positive outcomes.  This program works by a service provider identifying that a family needs help and support.  A referral is completed and sent to the WrapAround coordinator.  A facilitator is assigned to the family.  A family must agree to participate in this program.
      Thinking for A Change  

This program integrates cognitive approaches for changing behavior by restructuring offenders' thinking, antisocial attitudes, values, or beliefs.  This program teaches pro-social skills, effective problem solving and the ability to consider consequences.  This program is designed to help offender develop appropriate interpersonal skills.  This program runs for 21 weeks, two nights per week.

      Home Team Advantage  
Home Team Advantage is a at home solution for at risk kids.  Home Team Advantage offers intensive home based services including therapy services, independent living skills training, family foundations (parent education), parent assessment, substance abuse screening inventory, adventure mentoring program, sex education classes, and baby think it over program.  Home Team Advantage is designed to keep kids placed in the home instead of out of home placements.

      Tobacco Cessation Smoking Class  
A program that is designed to reduce the risk of tobacco related disease by lowering the prevalence of tobacco use in Putnam County.  This programs goal is to reduce exposure to secondhand smoke, prevent tobacco use, promote quitting among adults and youth, and prevent youth from using tobacco products.

      Family Support Services  
Family Support Services offers a program for young women between the age of 14 - 18.  These young women may be in an unhealthy relationship, need support in their interpersonal relationship and be a victim of neglect or abuse.  Topics that are discussed are self esteem/respect, life skills, conflict resolution, date rape, sexual harassment, choices and consequences, neglect and abuse.  This is a weekly meeting and is no cost to the family.

      Summer Youth Radio Program   Putnam County Youth Radio is a program that was founded in 1993 to provide a creative and educational outlet for at risk middle school students during the summer.  Students are invited to be DJ's for several weeks at WGRE, the DePauw University radio station.  Students select and play music at the station, they prepare and broadcast news and weather reports and community service announcements.  Target students are those who are probation or are considered seriously at risk by school counselors or other social service providers.

      Counseling With Bill Smith Through Youth Development   Juvenile's are referred to counseling with Bill Smith through the Juvenile Court.  Youth Development Commission received a grant to provide counseling to juveniles and parents who do not have insurance.  This grant for counseling is to help reduce out of home placements.  

     Youth Advisory Group   The Youth Development Commission has received a small grant to establish a Youth Advisory Group.  The goal is to target youth being served in the system CHINS/Probation Youth or at risk youth and to help develop leadership and advocacy skills.  A core group of 11 youths have been identified and are participating.  It is the hope that the work of the group can be enhanced, and expanded by funding from the Title IV-B as a part of the Chafee Foster Care Youth Advisory Board.    
  Speaking At Schools



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